Hikers Wool in Europe

What is Hikerswool

What is Hikerswool?...

It’s made from 100% pure organic wool fleece. Hikerswool is beautifully soft, lanolin rich, washed and intricately carded to provide a soft cushioning effect for your feet.

The wonder quality of wool wicks away moisture and perspiration allowing your feet to breathe, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Blisters are a fluid-sac caused by heat and /or friction. Hikers dread getting blisters which can make finishing a walk a very painful experience.

Hikerswool will provide friction-free comfort avoiding blisters and pain - even over long distances.

Who Can Use Hikerswool?...

Hikers, trampers, all sports people, walkers, shoppers, ... It will also provide relief for elderly people from painful pressure points on their feet. Hikerswool is known to be effective in ballet shoes for pointe work.

Hikers Wool can also help prevent 'black toenail' for hikers, trampers and runners.

How Do I Use Hikerswool?...

  • Stop immediately if you feel a hot spot and apply Hikerswool as directed....don't wait until the blister forms.
  • Apply a generous amount directly to the tender area then replace sock and footwear. Depending on the location of your hotspot / blister you may not need to completely remove your sock.
  • If the problem is in your toe area, remove your sock and wrap the wool around the affected area.
  • Hikerswool will bind itself into the sock over the course of the day, this is normal. So as long as your sock stays in place, Hikers Wool will too. You can easily add more or replace if needed.
  • Hikerswool will not form lumps or roll into a hard ball.
  • After a few uses you will become accustomed to the quantity required.

- it is not medicated.
100% biodegradable, discard after use.

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